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Stylish Baby Clothes

A few years ago, when our two babies were born, we couldn’t find very much clothing for them that we actually liked, or when we could we could not afford it. Yes, we were seeking particular styles and personalised products in comfortable, sustainable materials. We were looking for black babywear too, and blank rompers, so that we could design our own motifs with meaning and personal significance. We wanted to instil intelligent, individualistic, evolving decision-making in our children from very early on so that it would last for life.

Twenty-first century culture is constantly bombarding us with suggestions of things to buy and accumulate. Our cupboards are brimming and we have to learn to select, sort out and put together outfits that are fit for purpose and work attractively for us. Create your identity and your children’s and stay in control.

Little Wolfie is a small, very personal, family-run start up, but thanks to our loyal clientele we are growing and adding to our collections all the time. Order from us today — and please email us any feedback, and even tell us about the items that you would like and are finding difficult to source. We love to hear what our customers think and want and feel — and that they appreciate what we are trying to achieve. Remember, all our designs are personalised and printed in Australia and manufactured in an ethically run factory in China.

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