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Personalised Baby Clothing Australia

In these unprecedented days of the worrying falling birth rates, we are more concerned than ever for and about our precious children, especially since far more mothers are in their thirties and forties rather than their teens and twenties. Many of us wait longer to have babies, and then have fewer. Toys ‘R’ Us blames that for its bankruptcy.

But it does mean that we cherish all babies, our own and our families’ and friends’ and love them even more — and we seek every opportunity to set a good example and to give them as they grow up what we believe to be the best possible upbringing and education, to unleash their full potential and to turn them into disciplined but compassionate, ethical decision-makers, while constantly encouraging them to be happy, generous and dependable, responsible, courageous and kind, patient, honest and open-minded.

And from the beginning we want to teach our children honourable gut feeling — to choose well instinctively throughout life — a strong framework for ethical conduct. Moral, principled lessons given in every domain now will last a whole lifetime: optimism and the light at the end of the tunnel — the half-full, half-empty glass. All the ethical choices from sustainability to commitment and awareness.

And as well as organic food and recycled goods, fair pay for work and transparency, kindness and correct behaviour towards humans, animals, plants and the planet, another such important sphere is clothing. Even if you can’t be bothered to read the small print, but want to come down in favour of the right thing at the right time, then choose well-designed, comfortable gifts from Little Wolfie for your beloved baby to wear and love. Set an example.

Look at our website. All our products are designed in Queensland in Australia and they are manufactured in an ethically run factory in China, so that we are able to encourage and support our suppliers, to uphold positive factory conditions and to implement programs to assist workers' lives.

You can feel safe and warm with Little Wolfie, so place your orders today.

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