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Why personalised items hold more than sentimental value

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Personalised Baby Clothes Australia

A personalised piece gives the pleasurable added feelings of ownership and nostalgia — somehow that piece becomes doubly yours and doubly treasured. People actually tend to prefer a personalised experience, a more relevant one, to ‘one size fits all’. They know what they want, they are happy to engage, and they would usually rather buy something - tailored to their own precise needs and wishes. After all, it doesn’t cost any more. Dale Carnegie taught that remembering and using someone’s name helps to win them over to your way of thinking. Personalising really shows that you are giving someone your undivided attention.

Personalised gifts are so very much more thoughtful and meaningful, redolent of the care and trouble taken in their choice, whether they are an important piece of jewellery or furniture, rompers or a Christmas Santa Sack. In fact your children are likely to follow your example, so start off by showing them what a really considerate, intelligent present is while they are young — for example, this Christmas why don’t you look at Little Wolfie’s personalised and customised items when you are deciding what to buy for the children nearest and dearest to you? Change the dynamics and enhance their Christmas experience.

All Little Wolfie’s personalised and printed designs are created in Australia, on the Sunshine Coast, and then manufactured in an ethically run factory in China. Its suppliers uphold positive factory conditions and implement programs to assist their workers' lives. Think sustainable. Think Little Wolfie. Buy top quality and dress your children in clothes they love.

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