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Little Wolfie Ethical Fashion

How much trouble do you take to buy as much as you possibly can that is ethically produced and does not damage the environment? Do you stick to free-range eggs and organic foods, green cleaning products, energy-efficient light bulbs and recycled paper? Do you avoid goods made by child labour and prisoners? Do you really care about animal welfare?

Ethical products are produced ethically and purchased with respect for those who produce them and for the environment. Ethical cosmetics are not tested on animals. Arms, tobacco and gambling are unethical. Free-range farming means that animals spend time outside. Organic food does not use chemical fertilisers or pesticides. Ethical shopping is difficult, but we do try to support fair wages that provide a living income, transparent relationships built on trust, fair trade and the artisanal market, to understand where all the materials come from and to shorten the supply chain.

We believe that as consumers we really do have the power to affect the companies we buy from, and we feel very strongly about social responsibility and sustainability. We try not to contribute to pollution and toxicity, and aim to deal with people equitably. In a 2014 Fairtrade Australia national study, 8 out of 10 people said that they would be more likely to purchase a product supporting someone in need over one without any charitable aspect, as long as the price and quality were similar.

Many new start-ups feel they have an ethical mission, and this shows in their buying patterns as well as in their customers’ choices, unless the price differences are too great. Every move is in the right direction and consumers want a recognisable carbon footprint label on the goods they buy.

Little Wolfie is an ethical company. We conform to the principles of good conduct. That is our moral choice and we choose to respect honesty, fairness, equality, dignity, diversity and individual rights.

We would like you to encourage and support us just as we support our suppliers and uphold positive factory conditions and programs to assist workers' lives.

Ethical Baby Clothes, Gifts & Products